ND Bar Quarter Horses Introducing High On Corona by Whitney Knippling

Thank you Whitney Knippling and Today's Horse Magazine!


How it all started…

Jason and Jennifer Jensen, North Dakota Sales Manager for Pro Earth Animal Health and Registered Nurse by day and owners and operators of ND Bar Quarter Horses of Norwich, were both born and raised in North Dakota.  Jason grew up in the town of Tioga…. despite being allergic to horses, he began riding when he was 20.  “He quickly developed a love for it and soon was swinging a rope,” says Jennifer, “Much of his twenties and early thirties were spent team roping and competing in ranch rodeos.”

           Jennifer grew up in Northern Sheridan County in Central North Dakota where her family raised small grains and commercial beef cattle saying, “We always had horses and I have been riding since I can remember.  Growing up there wasn’t extra money for expensive horses or trainers.  My dad was a fan of sorrel un-started 2-year-old fillies and that is where my days of training started.”

           “Jason and I met in December of 2012 and it was love at first site,” says Jennifer, “On August 10th, 2013 we were married and became a family of four as Jason also welcomed two daughters into his life, Shae Ann and Camryn (“Bammer”).  Jason has owned the 50-acre ranch in McHenry County since 2006 and in 2013, as our lives merged so did our horse herd.  Jason had rope horses and the girls and I had cow and reining horses and a spotted paint pony named Pepperoni!  At that time, the girls were just getting started barrel racing, but before long Jason had them roping.  In fact, he even got me thinking about barrel racing, although I hadn’t competed since I was a young girl and only at playdays and horse shows.”

           “When we met I had most recently been showing reining and starting in the cow horse.  Before Jason and I met, I owned a stud, “Tru Major Command” a son of “Major Tyler Moore” that originated from the Klatt Breeding program of Killdeer.  I bought him from an amazing horseman from the Bowman area, Clarence Kitzan, who had him as broke as they can get.  In fact, when I swung my leg over that stallion in 2009, it was the first time I truly experienced what a broke horse with buttons felt like.  From there, I was hooked.  I showed him in a limited number of shows in both reining and cow horse and he taught me so much.  I enlisted the help of trainer Kevin Vesey of Baldwin and began training and showing some of my younger prospects as well.  Looking back, this was a pivotal point in my career as a horsewoman.”

           “ND Bar Quarter horses truly started when Jason and I brought our herds and skillsets together,” says Jensen, “Although we had just met, it didn’t take long for us to realize we made a great team.  Jason is the business minded part of the operation, loves studying pedigrees and has a great eye for horse flesh.  He does all the halter breaking, ground work and riding the young colts, as well as the roping training.  I enjoy the behind the scenes aspect of the grogram.  My happy place is out in the wide open laying the foundation and putting the buttons on the young ones.  I also enjoy the marketing and web design.”


Introducing High on Corona…

    When it came to the introduction of “High on Corona” to their program, “It was love at first site, again,” says Jennifer, “Jason and I traveled to the Black Hills Stock Show shortly after we met in 2013.  I had not been to a pro rodeo in decades, honestly, so the sights were new to me.  I was far more accustomed to sliding stops and cattle being taken down the fence.  But that night in the steer wrestling, a big blazed faced bulldogging horse caught my eye and I was immediately star struck.  Of course, Jason an active member of the Y’s Men’s, the organization responsible for putting on the Badlands Circuit Finals every year, was no stranger to the rodeo scene and knew right away that I was talking about Tyler and Dee Haugen’s great stud, High on Corona.  That weekend I was fortunate enough to have Jason introduce me to Dee and I kept thinking, “Wow, what I wouldn’t do to own that horse!”  But remember, I knew very little about rodeo and even less about steer wrestling, but I knew I loved that horse.  Fast forward two years.  We were roping at Jay Mattson’s and he had a young prospect our friend was actually interested in and bought.  As the story goes, once I realized he was a son of HOC I did some serious negotiating on the way home from SD and by the time we hit Norwich, I had traded him for a grandson of Peptoboonsmal.  Since then, we purchased another 2-year-old by HOC, bred our daughter of Eddie Stinson to him and even have a filly we raised by his son, “Cold Corona Smoothie.”  We have been impressed with the trainability, versatility, speed and strength of these horses, a sentiment we often shared with Tyler and Dee.  

          In the fall of 2017, I got a call from Dee saying they were thinking of selling High on Corona.  One would think my first thought would have been, “Oh wow, we should buy him!” But it wasn’t…. I had had a stud before, I knew how much work they were and how time-consuming breeding, foaling and marketing was.  We were busy with rodeos and jackpots…I just didn’t see it as an option for us.  I wished them well and like Tyler and Dee, hoped he ended up in as good of hands as he was accustomed to with the Haugens.  

          I’m not totally sure what happened, but after Jason and I returned from the NFR in December I woke up one Friday morning and out of the blue said, “We should buy HOC.”  I gave Jason the task of looking in to collection options to see if we could make it work.  By 11 AM that morning we had our answer, and ironically, as I was about to call Dee, my phone rang and she was calling me.  We chatted a bit, then I told her what we had been up to that morning and that we would be interested in buying HOC.  There were some happy tears on both ends and the plan to bring High on Corona to North Dakota was set into motion.”  


The Broodmare Band…

“With the decision to purchase HOC being a last minute one, we had to switch gears a bit and focus on putting together a broodmare band.  That being said, we plan on retiring Jason’s good rope horse, Belle (Marks Classic Note) and breeding her to HOC.  Jason purchased her from Shaw Louisea in 2011.  She is 15-years-old this year, has worked her whole life and is still very sound.  Belle is a beautiful buckskin daughter of PC Frenchmans Mark out of a daughter of Snippys Cowboy.  She has been a great all-around mare for us and Jason’s main head horse.  

          “We also own a daughter of Eddie Stinson X Carolyn Stone (Sticks An Stones) that we purchased from Victory Farms last year.  Last spring when it came time for us to breed her for the first stallion, we chose HOC, not realizing the even bigger role he was eventually going to play in our program.  She is due to foal any day and we are so excited for this baby!  Our first J*HOC (Hoc offspring, as we call them) to be born at ND Bar Quarter Horses.  

          The rest of our mares are out of really good programs in South Dakota.  We have a neat little mare out of Sarah Gropper’s program that throws absolutely beautiful colts.  She is by Sarah’s stud San Peppy Drift and out of a daughter of Wiggy Bar who is an own son of Three Bars.  EZ Donttbullythislady is a mare we got from Amanda Richardson.  She is a very thick made, balanced mare that is by DMNV Mountable who is the winningest son of Panther Mountain and a Blurr the Bux mare that came from John Bubel’s program.  

          When we were talking to Dee about which mares she thought crossed best on HOC, two of the names she gave us were Frenchmans Guy and Irish Pay.  We feel very blessed to be able to have a mare out of TK & Lainee Sampson’s program that is a daughter of Irish Pay and out of a daughter of Sadies Frosty Drift who is an own son of Frenchmans Guy.  We will also have the privilege of owning a mare by Gary Westergren’s great Firewater Frenchman stud that we are getting from Jessica Routier.  For 2018 we are also leasing a double bred Sun Frost mare from Brandee Wardell & Ryan Routier.  All of our mares have bone and substance to them.  We are very excited to cross these mares on HOC!  These J*HOCs should be able to go in any direction.” 


Setting their breeding and training program apart…

“HOC is the most versatile son of Corona Cartel and for us that is important,” says Jensen, “Our horses get used for everything from barrel racing to team roping to ranch work and everything in-between.  Jason is a team roper, so again, he does the roping training and competes at amateur rodeos.  One of his favorite things to do is help local ranchers with brandings and sorting cattle.  He is also our go to guy when it comes to taking young horses out and getting them used to the wide-open spaces.  We also love to have him take our barrel horses and rope on them.  We feel it opens their minds a bit and gives them something else to think about.  It’s a very important part of our training philosophy.  

          I like to put a solid reining style foundation on the colts and I have even gotten myself back into barrel racing.  I have found that everything I have learned in reining can be and should be applied to barrel racing.  I truly believe the rate and collection they learn early on makes a big difference when it comes time to compete, both in their ability to stand up in all types of ground and for their longevity and soundness.  Teaching them to use their body correctly is key.  

          Shae Ann is our resident barrel trainer.  In 2017, she spent 10 months interning with futurity trainers Ryann Pedone in Sunset, TX and Hallie Hanssen in Hermosa, SD.  She gained a wealth of knowledge from both of these trainers.  She has taken what she has learned and is applying it to her own style on the pattern.  We are proud and fortunate to have her play such an integral role at ND Bar Quarter Horses.  

          Bammer is currently a freshman, so she gets the privilege of taking our horses to High School Rodeos and putting them to the test.  She is also our resident daredevil, as we never know when she might be talked into getting on one of our young colts bareback.  Although she barrel races, breakaway ropes and has even been known to bulldog a steer, her passion is team roping.  In fact, last summer at a barrel jackpot we found her at the trailer heeling the hind legs of our 3-year-old J*HOC!  She keeps life at the ranch exciting and is one of the reasons our horses learn quick to handle whatever is thrown at them!”


Goals for ND Bar Quarter Horses

“The brand itself is one that I had made, consisting of the brand my dad had for his cattle herd.  After he got out of the cattle business I wanted the brand to live on, so began branding my own horses.  Of course, the brand has meaning as it represents the great state we were raised and live in, but we also say it stands for “never done.”  We are always striving to be and do better in how we train, ride and raise our horses.  

ND Bar Quarter Horses would like to continue to see happy and satisfied customers that go on to do great things with their ND Bar Quarter Horses!  “Our philosophy at ND Bar Quarter Horses is to make versatile horses that people can go on and win with…horses that have a solid foundation to build upon and take in any direction.”  

          Horses are sold private treaty through word of mouth, social media, and our website ndbarquarterhorses.com and High on Corona will be standing at Horner Equine in Dawson, ND for the 2018 breeding season.  We are fortunate to have Dr. Lindsey Horner and her husband Nate along with their great team handling all of our breeding needs.  Horner Equine is a top notch reproductive facility equipped to collect, inseminate and ship semen and we are excited to be teaming up with Dr. Horner!”